Managing eczema


Eczema reflects an internal imbalance. It needs to be treated internally. Topical treatments treat the symptoms, but do not cure.
Common triggers include cow's milk products (milk, butter, whey, cheese), eggs, wheat, tomatoes, citrus fruits, blackcurrants, sugar, chocolate, yeast extract, pork, beef, peppers, aubergines. Eliminate them for a period, then reintroduce one at a time.
Eat pumpkin seeds 1 tablespoon a day (for essential fatty acids and zinc)
Supplement diet with hemp seed oil or linseed (flax seed) oil. Adults: 1tablespoon twice a day; children: one teaspoon twice a day.

Dry Skin

Soaps, 'baby oil' and water dry out the skin. Plant oils (e.g. olive oil) are well absorbed and nourishing. Add 3-5 drops chamomile oil to 50ml aqueous cream, or add small amounts of a strong infusion of marigold, liquorice or comfrey. NB: if skin is very dry, anything might sting at first. Oats may help.
Oat bath: put a handful of porridge oats in a muslin bag. Use in bath or shower. Oats nourish the skin and are very moisturising.

Skin Weeping or Infected

Add sea salt or cider vinegar to the bath or a strong infusion of marigold flowers.

Additional Notes

Note: eczema, hay fever and asthma are closely related. The dietary advice will apply to all three.