The labyrinth

A labyrinth may seem like a maze, but there are no dead ends; just one route in and out again. Walking the labyrinth provides an opportunity to still the mind. It is a form of meditation. Read the section on meditation before doing this. Then use the same techniques of focusing on your breathing to still your mind while you walk. You need a large labyrinth to actually walk through it, but you can also 'walk' a labyrinth with your finger. Start on the outside and 'walk' your finger through to the middle and out again.

Drawing a labyrinth

Explore your creativity while reducing stress. Drawing a labyrinth need not be difficult. Here are instructions for drawing the simplest labyrinth of all; the three path labyrinth. So when you have a spare moment, get out pen and paper draw your own labyrinth, take your finger for a walk, and focus on your breath.
First step (1) in drawing a labyrinthStep 2 in drawing a labyrinthStep 3 in drawing a labyrinthStep 4 in drawing a labyrinthFinal step (5) in drawing a labyrinth