Treating accidents

Cuts: clean well in water, salt water, marigold tincture or marigold tea. If bleeding does not stop, sprinkle cut with cayenne pepper or lemon juice. Apply marigold cream or honey (both are antiseptic) and cover with clean bandage.

Bruises: Soak cloth or cotton wool in vinegar and apply to the bruise as soon as possible for 20-30 minutes. Comfrey cream speeds up the healing.

Burns: First remove the heat by holding under cold water for 10 to 15 minutes. Lavender oil, honey or marigold speed up healing.

Sprains: Apply ice pack, crushed cabbage leaf or vinegar compress as soon as possible to reduce swelling. Then rub in a warming cream or oil (with cayenne) to restore circulation and speed up healing.

Rescue remedy is an excellent remedy for dealing with the shock of the accident. Best used immediately.