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Why Young Children Are Capable Learners

Having children is considered as one of the greatest blessings in life. Sure, it may be the sole responsibility of parents until the children grow up, but it is a worthwhile experience to watch them grow, explore and learn. You should know that parents and educators who clearly understand how young children develop can play an active role in activities that help their natural interest in learning. If you happen to be a parent or a guardian of young children, you must know that whether you teach them yourself or enrol them in a child-centered nambour child care, you can be assured that learning will be rewarding for your children.

The Learning World Of Young Children

Children are curious learners. In fact, children are most likely to learn from the role models he or she is surrounded with. As a parent, it is very important to teach values, basic reading, writing, counting and building interpersonal relationships. In a kindergarten daycare, with the help of educators, children are guided in doing the how to’s, what is good or bad, being polite and the like — with a bonus of letting children having a fun experience while learning!

The cognitive world of the child develops when he or she enters early childhood. Children at this stage are imaginative but performs complex actions from what they have perceived from their sense organs. For example, when a child sees a green tree and is asked to draw the tree using crayons, he or she will draw the figure of a tree and colour it green. Why is this so? Because that is the way he or she sees it to be — a tree that is mostly green. It is an example of how a child’s attention, perception and memory is at work.

The Magic of Play

Children in kindergarten daycare are exposed to different learning methods to develop the self: language, play and games. These are based on a theory of George Mead, a sociologist. According to him, the most important thing is Play — it develops the self by immersing the child to play pretend, take on different roles and express them in an appropriate way — in order for the child to understand different viewpoints of every role. Moreover, it will also promote interactive and integrative learning within the children. Visit at Lady Gowrie

In order to make a child-centered learning effective, language and games are also working hand to hand with play. Language will allow children to work on their socioemotional development and games will also enhance their creative, analytical, and practical abilities — their cognition power. Daycares are places for your young children to learn in a fun, no-pressure setting. You can look for kinder day care vacancies.

Daycare Centers: Fun Learning!

Finding quality day care centers is as challenging as finding a kinder day care vacancy. You must take in consideration of their quality of education, reputation and ratings. As a parent or guardian, you must also have a children-centered criteria in enrolling your children to a day care.

Daycare centers, like the Brisbane Lady Gowrie Child Center in Australia, offer long daycare service for about 50 weeks! If you happen to be a parent or guardian in Australia, you can check out for long daycare centers near me for you and your children’s convenience. More info at

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